I had shared about unlocking of Airtel E1731 (E173Bu-1) Huawei that comes with customised firmware version In Aug 13, 2012, Airtel with the help of Huawei has launched another firmware modem version of Qualcomm MSM6290 chipset. Today, I will guide you to unlock Airtel E1731 (E173Bu-1) Huawei that has customized firmware. Only you need to follow some instructions to unlock your Airtel E173Bu-1 modem.
Huawei e173 modem
Huawei e173 modem

How to Unlock Airtel E1731 (E173Bu-1) Huawei Customised Firmware Modem?

1. Download E1731 (E173Bu-1) firmware update from the link which is provided at the end of the article to update your modem with un-customized firmware.

2. After that, download Universal master code software.

3. Now generate unlock code and flash code using Universal Master code calculator from Huawei tab.

Universal master code calculator
Universal master code calculator

4. Now plug your Airtel E1731 (E173Bu-1) Huawei customized firmware modem to your laptop / PC and disconnect from the internet.

5. Close the default dashboard of the dongle and run firmware update E1731Update_11.,  it will find your modem automatic.

6. Now firmware update process will start and after a few second it will ask you flash code as your password.

7. Provide the flash code as password.

8. After a few seconds, your modem will be updated successfully.

Now update the modem with latest Huawei Mobile Partner Software from this link.

Now after fully updated your dongle, unplug and plug your modem with another than default sim (other than Airtel sim) in your computer / laptop. Now your modem will ask you unlock code. Put the NCK / unlock code which you had generated earlier and your Airtel E1731 (E173Bu-1) Huawei dongle is unlocked forever.

Note : If your modem does not ask for unlock code then use CardLock Unlock tool to write the unlock code into your modem.

Download E1731 (E173Bu-1) Firmware Update (E1731Update_11.

Download Universal master code


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  1. hello friend,

    I have airtel modem
    model e173Bu-1
    IMEI 868510014830771
    Wen I Update by firmware that time not ask the password and update success but modem is not unlock tell me how to unlock my this modem plz……..

  2. after enter flash code as password ,shows update failure.

    Found modem : E1731

    Model : Huawei E1731 (Airtel India)

    IMEI : 868510011784831

    Serial NR. : 8CABYA9333012452

    Firmware :

    Compile date / time : Jan 31 2013 15:02:49

    Hardware ver. : CD1E153M

    Dashboard version : UTPS23.

    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6290

    Voice feature : enabled

    SIM Lock status : unlocked

    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

  3. Hi I am trying to unlock my airtel modem as per your procedure. After point 7, I am getting update failure Error. attached the image here. Please let me know, what could be the issue.

  4. Please help me to get unlock code as dongle has already unlock


    As per your guidence i have unlocked the my reliance dongle but i did not recieved any unlocked code and now when i am using vodaphone SIM in that it is asking me unlock code where can i get this.

    my dongle details are below

    Hardware information
    Firmware version BD_RELIANCEMF190V1.0.0B01
    Driver version 12/24/2010,1.2074.0.6
    IMEI number 911133909361096
    Dialer version PCW_RELIANCEINDV1.0.0B05
    Device name MF190
    Hardware version MF190-2.0.0
    Application port COM9
    Manufacturer ZTE Corporation

    Please help me and provide me unlock code
    my e-mail id meen0902@gmail.com

    Meenu Choudhary

  5. It shows error in updating in the very last step after entering the flash code as password, then it shows downloading files and suddenly error in updating. What should I do now. Is there any solution for this??

  6. I am not able to update my firmware it ends in a failure…………
    it is showing an error occured during the update procedure:
    Failed to update your Firmware Data Card.

  7. Found modem : E1731BU-1

    Model : Huawei E1731BU-1 (Airtel India)

    IMEI : 354369049479265

    Serial NR. : 8CABYA92B0106819

  8. Found modem : E1731BU-1

    Model : Huawei E1731BU-1 (Airtel India)

    IMEI : 354369049479265

    Serial NR. : 8CABYA92B0106819
    update problem

  9. Hi! IMEI-35436904771459. The mentioned process by you works till backing up user data after that till displays update failiure. What I’m doing wrong? What should I do? Please provide me with a path.


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