Unlocking of Huawei Aircel E303S modem is easy and simple. Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Docomo and Reliance companies keep launching new modems in India of Huawei, ZTE and Micromax firms with customized firmware. These modems come at less price because it remains locked to a particular network provider, means if you have purchased modem of Aircel, then can not use with another network providers like – Airtel, Vodafone, Tata Docomo, Idea, Reliance, etc. Aircel E303S is equipped with Hi-Silicon processor and the unlocking is very simple. This modem IMEI is of 86 series of new Algo and its download speed is 7.2 MBbps and upload speed is 5.76 Mbps. When you will open the modem you will find e173z-1A written in Aircel E303S Huawei modem. There is no need to flash Aircel E303S dongle with any firmware, you can simply unlock Huawei E303S modem with my guide and can enjoy another sim on it.

How to Unlock Huawei Aircel E173Z-1A (E303s) Data Card?

1. Insert the Huawei Aircel E303S USB 3G modem into laptop / computer with default SIM card.

2. Let it install all the drivers which are required to detect the modem.

3. After that disconnect the internet and close the dashboard if it is already running.

4. Now remove the Aircel SIM card and put some another sim in the modem (other than Aircel).

5. Again connect the Aircel E303S Huawei modem to your computer / laptop and let it open dashboard.

6. Now it will ask you for password / unlock code.

Aircel E303s Unlock
7. Provide the correct SIMlock code for your IMEI no. of 86 series (don’t use unlock code of 35 series, you can get free unlock code by commenting below with model and IMEI of the device) and click on OK.
Aircel E303 Unlock

8. Now your dongle is unlocked forever. Enjoy!!!

Note : If above-mentioned steps do not ask you for unlock code then use this dashboard and it will ask you for unlock code. Just provide unlock code and your modem will be unlocked forever.

Update : If by any means your modem does not prompt for unlock code then still you can unlock your modem using Huawei Modem Code writer tool.

You can download the officially unlocked firmware of Huawei E303 Aircel modem.



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