MegaFon has launched a new model in Russia dubbed as Turbo M150-2. Basically, it is a customized version of Huawei E3372 and can be unlocked easily.

By putting another network SIM, if you will detect this Turbo M150-2 dongle under DC-unlocker, then you will get info like this :

Found modem: E3372
Model: Huawei E3372 / 827F MTC
IMEI: 8643***********
Serial NR. : L8FBY14725007666
Compile date / time: 28 May 2014 11:33:14
Hardware ver. : CL1E3372SM ver.a
Dashboard version: MegaFon_Win2.3.2_Mac2.3.2
Chipset: Qualcomm
Voice features: disabled
SIM-Lock Status: Locked (Card Lock)
Wrong Codes Entered: 0 (unlock attempts left: 10)

As you can see in the above extract, it is un-customized firmware. To unlock it, you need a correct unlock / NCK code and an easy process.

Unlock 4G+ Modem MegaFon Turbo M150-2 of Russia

How to Unlock 4G+ Modem MegaFon Turbo M150-2 of Russia?

1. Change the default SIM with another network provider SIM and plug the USB data card Turbo M150-2 into the PC.

2. Let it install the drivers and software which is required to run it.

3. Now, the dashboard will be automatically open, asking you for an unlock code.

4. Enter the correct unlock code, and it will be unlocked permanently.

Now your Huawei MegaFon Turbo M150-2 is unlocked forever to connect with any SIM.

Recently, MTS has launched the same modem (Huawei E3372H), called it 827F. It comes with un-customized firmware version The unlock code charge for this modem is also the same. DC-Unlocker details of MTS Huawei 827F:

Found modem: E3372
Model: Huawei _Unknown modem_
IMEI: 8661***************
Serial NR. : G4PBY14B********
Compile date / time: Oct September 2014 4:09:48 p.m.
Hardware ver. : CL2E3372HM
Dashboard version: UTPS23.
SIM-Lock Status: Locked (Card Lock)
Wrong Codes Entered: 0 (unlock attempts left: 10)

Note: Don’t try to insert wrong codes into your Huawei MegaFon Turbo M150-2; otherwise, it will be locked permanently. Unlock code is not free; you can purchase from any server or pay 6 USD in PayPal and mention the IMEI model in the transaction. Unlock code / NCK code will be delivered to your email within 8 hrs.


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