As you may already know that I keep writing about unlocking solutions of various types of Huawei Modems and routers. Today, I have again come with simple unlocking solutions for 3 Australia Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi router gateway unlock solutions. Yes, you are reading right thing and came in right place. You can unlock your Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia in a few seconds in only 2.38$. Unlocking procedure is same as Vodafone Australia Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi.
Vodafone R205 Huawei WiFi MiFi Router Gateway
Vodafone R205 Huawei WiFi MiFi Router Gateway

More details about Australian Vodafone R205 device :


Model               : Huawei Vodafone R205
IMEI                : 860************
Serial NR.          : A7B7NB1272205941
Firmware            : 21.344.17.00.11
Compile date / time : Apr 25 2012 14:54:55
Hardware ver.       : CH1E586E
Dashboard version   : PCSVv2.1
Web UI version      : LTPSv1.14
SIM Lock status     : Locked (CardLock)
Wrong codes entered : 166 (unlock attempts left : 100)


How to unlock 3 Australia Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Mobile Router  :

  1. Make sure that your  3 (Three) Australia Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi is fully charged.
  2. Disconnect the internet and close everything which is related to your 3 (Three) Australia Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi.
  3. Insert a non-Vodafone Network SIM card into your 3 (Three) Australia Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Gateway.
  4. Switch on 3 (Three) Australia Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi and connect it to your computer using the  USB cable.
  5. Note :  If you are asked for your PIN number then enter your PIN number of your router (See manual).
  6. Open your browser (Internet Explorer) and enter the URL address as .
  7.   When the Unlock page is displayed, paste the unlock code that says “Unlock Code:  please enter 8-digit number” and select Apply.
  8.   If the unlock code is correct, it will display “Simlock Unlock has been successfully. Jump to home page after 3 seconds”. The device is now unlocked forever.


Now you can use any another network provider sim in R205 device.

Note : Don’t enter wrong codes into your 3 (Three) Australia Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi  Either purchase through any server or contact me on for right unlock code in only 2.38.

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