Finally, for Apple Watch customers that have awaited official Apple Watch retail availability; we’re hearing that Apple Stores will have a small but interesting addition to the purchasing experience in the form of special Apple Watch bags for shoppers.

apple watch bag
These special bags are said to be made of heavy paper with rope handles that color-match the bands of each Apple Watch being sold, something Apple recently embraced with its Beats Powerbeats2 earbuds as well.
The bags our tipster spotted were seemingly for the Sport model as they are short and narrow just like the box the Sport watches come in. It’s possible that Apple could use a different shaped bag for the Apple Watch and Edition models.

Apple Retail Stores appear to be preparing to carry mostly Apple Watch Sport models and in limited quantities to start, according to multiple sources. Many locations aren’t expecting to receive inventory and begin in-store sales until next week, although select stores do expect to receive inventory as early as this week and start selling Apple Watches to customers as soon as the watches arrive.

Source: 9to5mac

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