NEW DELHI: Sony India Managing Director Kenichiro Hibi said the company is “very seriously” considering starting a manufacturing facility in India. He also added that, ‘‘we are looking to participate in the India’s recent ‘Make in India’ initiative plan.

As we all know Sony offers a variety of consumer electronic gadgets and IT products to fit your every day and professional needs. If company starts manufacturing unit in India one thing is sure that Sony creates big job opportunities for our highly qualified young generation.

All credit for this surely goes to our prime minister Mr (Narendra) Modi’s whose strong initiatives and leadership makes it happens. Mr. Narendra Modi, that encourages businesses to manufacture goods in India rather than importing them. And, we inform you that not only Sony, several companies of world has shown interest in starting manufacturing facilities in India, including Foxconn.

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According to Hibi, “Of course, thanks to Mr Modi’s strong initiatives, some how we have to cope with country’s direction and strategy. We are in talks as to how we can support country’s direction. At this point of time, we do not have any specific comment. We are seriously studying as how can we reply to PM’s requirements.”

Hibi did not commit on a date and the amount of investment that would go into this, but said it would definitely happen within the next two years.

If we are thinking towards company point of view, it also seems that the deal is not bad for them because if we see last year revenue of Sony firm you might shock. Sony India is the fourth highest contributor in the global sales of Sony Corporation. Sony India had a turnover of Rs 10,000 crore in 2014-15 and around 75 per cent of its revenue came from Bravia range of TVs and Xperia range of mobile handsets.

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