Sony has imported four new smartphone prototypes in India for testing and debugging purposes, according to a Indian site Zauba, which tracks the country’s import and export.

sony smartphone import to india
The handsets that were imported include the Seahawk Rex PQ, Eagle Rex AP, Seahawk Gina AP, and the Eagle Rilads AP. As for the price, each prototype carries a tag of INR 39,239 ($617), suggesting that these are high-end devices.

Given the limited information at hand, it is difficult to speculate about the devices at the moment. Meanwhile, in recent time the things which was happen with Sony is not very good enough. The heating issue of their latest handset creating too much tension to the company, but now it looks like company resolve the problem effectively and planning to launch their latest flagship model the Xperia Z3 + in India. It is expected that it might be unveiled in this week.

Source: gsmarena

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