Most of us use smartphone or router to use the internet, which creates hotspot and data can be shared with others. Some of us also use a dongle to connect to the internet, and data can not be shared with others. Situations may be also different, where some of your guests want to access the internet, and you don’t want to share the router key with them, but you want to share the internet data for one-time.

Hosted Network Starter freeware comes from Nirsoft, that is portable, means there is no need to install in PC. Just download and unzip it and use it. No need to install anything, just unpack and use as per requirement.

How to use Hosted Network Starter?

1. Download the Hosted Network Starter from the official web page.

2. Unzip and run it.

3. It will prompt you for configuration.


4. Enter the name of shared Network (SSID) and specify the Network key.

5. There is a checkbox that allows us to activate the options that say “persistent key.” If ‘Persistent Key’ option is selected, this key will be used automatically in the future when the ‘Network Key’ field is empty.

6. By default maximum of 10 devices can be selected from this app, however, you can easily change it as required.

7. Now click “Start” button and everything will up and running.

8. Now the configuration screen will go away, only the main user interface will be available.

Hardware Network Starter interface displays general information about the hotspot such as IP address, MAC address, receive and transmit link speed among other things. It also shows the amount of data being transmitted. And the most important thing you will notice, it also shows the list of clients connected to the hotspot.

This is a great app. It is compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

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