Unlocking of E5330 can be easily done with a correct SIMlock code. In this post, we will talk about configuration of connection settings and WiFi hotspot on E5330.

How to Setup a Profile for Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi E5330?

1. Connect the E5330 to your laptop or computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi connection.

2. Launch the default web browser (Internet Explorer) and browswe for

3. Click Settings.


4. Enter the required username and password, then click Log In.


Note: The default username and password of E5330 is admin.

5. Click Quick Setup.

6. Select “New Profile”.


7. Enter the profile name and APN.


In my case, it is “TelkomInternet” on both Profile Name and APN.

8. Click on “Save”.

Now you have successfully created a new profile in your Huawei E5330 router.

To change the WiFi network name and password on Huawei E5330, or to set up the device as a WiFi hotspot, proceed with below steps:

1. Connect the E5330 to your laptop or computer via USB cable or WiFi connection.

2. Launch a web browser and browse its default IP address

3. Click Settings.

4. Enter the username and password, then click Log In.

5. Click the WLAN dropdown.

6. Click WLAN Basic Settings.

7. Click the SSID field, then enter the desired device name.

8. Click the Security mode dropdown and select desired security (e.g. WPA2-PSK).

9. Click the WPA pre-shared key field, then enter the required password.

10. Finally, click Apply.

Now you have successfully changed the device name and password. Now your hotspot is ready to connect to the internet.