We all know about PDF (Portable Data Format), as it is the well-known format to send a file from one place to another place over the internet. Some of us also prefer to create PDF for further reading it as ebook, without loosing the quality. There are various freeware’s available over the internet to convert a word document to PDF file, as I have already posted about CutePDF Writer.

In similar ways, there are too many extensions are available for different browsers to convert a complete webpage as PDF. You can get the plugins for Firefox, Internet Explorer and so on, to create the PDF from a webpage. But, the latest and fastest browser Google Chrome does not require any extension to convert a word document into PDF.

The Google Chrome browser features itself, save as PDF.

How to convert a web page in PDF File?

1. Browse the page, to which you want to convert into the PDF.

2. Press Control + P from the keyboard, alternatively you can select the option from Chrome menu also.

Press Control+P in Google Chrome browser

3. If you have already installed the printers in your PC, then by default ‘save as pdf’ option will not populate. So, in destination click on Change…..

Select a destination

4. Click “Save as PDF”.

Save as PDF

5. Here, there are few options to customize the settings, before actually saving the webpage as PDF. If required then change the settings or simply click on “Save as PDF”. It will open a dialog window.

Save as destination6. By default in ‘File name’ it will show the webpage title, if you want, you can change the name of the file or just leave default name, and click on Save button.

7. Now Google Chrome will create a PDF file of the opened page.

WebPage in PDFIt is also possible to save a Webpage as PDF in Microsoft Edge browser.


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