Samsung just released a new promo video on youtube that presents much attention to Galaxy S6 Active front-facing camera. According to Samsung official the handset Galaxy S6 Active ‘‘change the way you take a selfie’’ it is the best selfie phone.

We remind you that the Galaxy S6 Active carrying a 5 mp front-facing camera which has a 120-degree wide-angle field of view, which means it, can fit more people and more of what’s around into each and every selfie.

If you own a Galaxy S6 instead of other phones (including Apple’s iPhone 6, which briefly appears in the new video), Samsung believes that you no longer have to “carry around sticks like cave people.” Of course, the company refers to selfie sticks, which in the last few years have become wildly popular across the globe.

We are not suggesting our users how far it is true, we expect from our readers that they are capable to judge the relative front-facing camera of the handset. What we do is just providing early information about the handset. Any query chat with us you are most welcome.

Source: youtube

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