Samsung might stay away from in-house GPU for nowIn this new era of technology Samsung prove itself many of the times. There share in world cell phone market is around 30% which is huge achievement for the company as well.

The Korean tech giant has managed to stay firmly on top in this cut throat competition of market with its latest devices. The company having self builds Operating System as well as Processor also.

In recent time, Samsung has been move away from generic chip architecture and go towards the in-house development of Exynos technology.


Samsung’s silicon has proven to be quite powerful and versatile and consequently a major market hit.

But, despite all the custom-tailored technology that goes into the Exynos SoCs, it is a fact that Samsung still relies on standard ARM graphics for the chips. The move towards custom graphics cores seems only logical and has, in fact, been the subject of a lot of rumors and speculations. Industry sources, however, now hint that Samsung has delayed work on custom mobile graphics, by as much as five years.

Earlier reports suggested a possible AMD buyout, a step which would fuel the in-house GPU development significantly. That possibility is still on the table, but it is unlikely that Samsung will step away from ARM’s Mali chips in the foreseeable future. And frankly, it has good reasons for sticking with the industry standard.

For one, ARM has proven time and time again to be a reliable partner, staying on the cutting edge of innovation and delivering comparable and often better performance than competitors, such as Adreno and PowerVR. Still, Samsung might already be working toward custom GPU’s in the long run.

The company has allegedly managed to lure engineers from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel to spearhead the research, so, the possibility of an entirely in-house developed Exynos chipset is still very high, albeit probably not in the next five years or so.

Source: gsmarena

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