Today, I am updating some interesting article for those who have already flashed the Airtel Huawei E1731 (E1731Cs-1) modem default firmware from modified firmware or who have stuck in between the unlocking process and want to re-lock his modem with the default firmware. Just read the whole process step by step and do the same for relocking modem.
New Airtel Logo
New Airtel Logo

How to update Huawei E173Cs-1 with firmware v21. (Airtel India)?


1. Plug the E173Cs-1 airtel branded Huawei modem to Windows computer and let it install all the drivers and software which is required to run the dongle.

2. Once it is installed, it will automatically open the Airtel-branded Huawei mobile partner software. Just close the dashboard / software/ ‘Huawei mobile partner’.

3. Download Airtel default firmware E173Cs-1 Update from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

4. Open E173 E173Cs-1 Update_21. and you can see the “terms and condition” window, select “I agree the terms and conditions” and click on OK.

5. Now you can see it will process like finding Port, after completing it will show Find Port Succeed, then you can see Getting The Device Information. Let it do it on its way, do not interrupt it.

6. Then after you can see that it will start flashing your modem.

7. At the end of the flashing, you can see the Success window, click Finish button.

Now you have successfully flashed the firmware.


Note:- Above mentioned flashing will re-lock your E173Cs-1 Airtel modem again. So you have to re-unlock it to use any another network provider sim. To unlock your Huawei Airtel E173Cs-1 dongle, you need to again flash with unlocked firmware.

You can find out unlocking guide of Airtel E173Cs-1 (E1731) modem at here.


Download Airtel Default firmware E173Cs-1 Update


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