Windows 10 comes with Reset PC option to reset or reinstall the operating system easily. With the Reset PC feature of Windows 10, one can reinstall Windows 10 either by removing all files & programs or keeping existing personal files (documents, pictures and videos etc). You can access Reset PC feature by opening Settings > Update & security > Recovery.

Now, Microsoft has launched Refresh Windows Tool that works on versions running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later. This new standalone Refresh Windows Tool will install a clean copy of the most recent version os Windows 10 on your PC and will remove the apps that were installed on it.


The built-in Reset PC feature doesn’t need Windows 10 installation media in most of the cases, but the newly released Refresh Windows tool will download a fresh copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft servers and will use the new copy in reinstalling/resetting of Windows. Means, when you reset/reinstall Windows 10 using the new Refresh Windows app, you will get the newest version of Windows 10, so you don’t need to download and install huge updates after the reinstall/reset process.

Once run the above tool it will download the latest copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft servers and carry out a fresh install, means you cannot use your own ISO, which may have been stored by you locally.

While using the Refresh Windows tool to reset/reinstall Windows 10, your all installed program will be automatically removed, but like the built-in Reset PC tool, Refresh Windows utility also allows you reinstall Windows 10 by keeping personal files.

Once you have downloaded and run Refresh Windows Tool, it will extract some files, then accept the license agreement, select either Keep personal files or Nothing and finally, click Install button to begin resetting/reinstalling Windows 10.

Please kind in mind, it will remove all the program as well as device drivers. This will only work on your latest Insider Builds and Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later. You can download Refresh Windows Tool from here.


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