Losing important files and data from a virus infected pen drive is a very common issue. It is experienced by a lot of people who connect a pen drive to their computer for data transfer. It may happen to anyone. You may save some important data on the pen drive but after some time you may not be able to access the data in spite of the file name being the same. This is because it is an actually a shortcut, evident from the icon and a virus infection is indicated.

Is your data really erased?

It may seem for a while that all the data you stored has been deleted and you are left with the shortcut of the files and there is no original file of the shortcut folders. However, before thinking that all your data has been erased, you should check the space used up by the pen drive. You will notice that the space occupied by files/folders still remains the same, although the original files seem to be gone. The used space indicates that the data is not actually gone. If it were gone, the disk space would show empty instead of being filled up. The data are still present but cannot be accessed because of the shortcut virus infection.

How to Recover files from Virus Infected Pen Drive?

There are solutions for recovering your files from a virus infected pen drive. They are as follows:

1. Using CMD for recovering files


When your data seems lost or you cannot access it because of a virus attack, you can try the CMD for recovering the virus infected files. It is an easy process and is the primary method for data retrieval. You need to plug in your pen drive into the computer first. Then, go to the start menu and in the search menu type “cmd”. Hit Enter from the keyboard and among the search results you will find a file named as “cmd.exe”. Right-click and select “Run as administrator” to access the command windows from where you will be able to recover your lost data. You should type “attrib –h-r-s/s/d G:\*.*” (without quotes). Here G refers to the drive letter. After completing these steps, the virus infected hard drive will get repaired by windows. After some time, you should access the pen drive, and you will find that all the data has been recovered successfully.

2. Using EaseUS data recovery or other software

If your data recovery is not successful using CMD, you can use data recovery software. This is a professional data recovery software with a powerful capacity for data recovery from any kind of external storage device. The file recovery process involved is easy and you simply need to answer two questions. The program will carry out the rest. This software can recover any kind of deleted, corrupted or hidden files from your pen drive.

If you cannot access important files on your pen drive, you should not think that they have been deleted. Instead, carry out these steps and you will be able to recover the data easily.

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