Process Closer is a freeware application which let you end processes by just a drag and point of your mouse cursor on the window of your choice. It is a small utility (size about 523KB) and it works like Windows Task Manager. It is designed so beautifully, the it also notifies you when not responding processes are detected, which you can end directly after detection. The application runs in the system tray of your desktop and all features can be accessed very quickly.

Process CloserIf your computer is full of software or you are running out of memory and your PC hangs ooccasionally then it is right choice for you. Just download this free program, which is provided at the end of the article. It is about 523KB in size and in a single zip both install-able and portable version is also available.

Download and run the utility and it will sit in the taskbar of your Windows. When you want to close any application, just drag, “Drag & Kill” icon by pressing and right cursor your mouse to the running application and close it easily.

Main features of Process Closer :

  1. Drag and point of your mouse cursor on the window you want to end.
  2. Process kill.
  3. Process kill and child processes.
  4. Process kill of all processes with the same name.
  5. Process close.
  6. System tray application.
  7. Notifying about not responding processes. Detection time interval can be customized.
  8. End not responding processes after detection.
  9. Auto-start.
  10. Keyboard hotkey can be enabled.
  11. Custom hotkeys.
  12. Portable version included.
  13. Free for both personal and commercial use.

According to the official website of process closer, it works with Windows XP/7/8. I have tested it in Windows 8.1 and it is running without any error. To run this freeware properly, it needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Download latest version of Process Closer (v1.03)

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