All major browsers have options to open multiple websites automatically when you launch the browser. In Google’s Chrome, you can find this setting under chrome://settings.

Microsoft Edge browser of Windows 10 has also function to open the specific websites automatically.

How to open specific Websites in Microsoft Edge browser automatically?

1. To achieve the same, open the Edge browser and click on the Menu icon (3-dots) from the top right corner and select “Settings”.

Edge browser settings2. From the drop down “Open Microsoft Edge with” choose the option “A specific page or pages”.

A specific page or pages

3. Now it will show you ‘Enter a URL’ textbox and a Save button beside it.

Enter a URL4. Enter your desired URL and press enter.

add new page5. To apply a new page click the link “+ Add new page”.

To remove a website URL from Edge browser startup, hover mouse over a website and click cross sign (x).

If you want your previous web pages to be automatically opened when you start the Edge browser, then choose “Previous pages” from the drop down “Open Microsoft Edge with”.


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