In the older versions of Windows (Win 7 & Wi 8 / 8.1), when you right-click on Desktop and select Personalize option, the Personalization window opens with options to change the theme, wallpaper, screensaver, sound scheme, and window border color. It is also possible to change mouse pointer, change desktop icons, and Ease of Access Center right from the Personalization window.

But, in Windows 10, Microsoft has redesigned Settings app and offers easy access to all settings & options at one place. In Windows 10, when you click Personalize option in the desktop context menu, you will see the Personalization section of the Settings app instead of the classic Personalization window.


How to Open Windows 7/8 like Personalization window in Windows 10?

First Method:


On the Start or taskbar search box, type Personalize and then press Enter key to open the classic Personalization window.

Second Method:

Open the Run command box with the help of Windows Logo + R keys and type Control Desktop, and then press Enter key to open the classic Personalization window.


Third Method:

Right-click on Desktop, click Personalize option to open Personalization section of Settings app.


Fourth Method:

Open Run command box a type Control and then press Enter key to open Control Panel.

controlChange the view by to Small icons if not already, then you will see Personalization.

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