Windows PC comes with a set of power options: shut down, log off, restart, hibernate etc. You can use these features, but can not easily schedule these power functions easily. You have to schedule Shutdown or Restarts using the Task Scheduler and is not possible for mango people. Ninja Shutdown is a freeware program that lets you the schedule Shutdown, Restart, and Log Off. It is a portable app and works well with Windows 8 & 10.

Ninja Shutdown

RTG Ninja Shutdown for Windows lets you schedule a computer Shutdown, Restart or Log Off as well as it allows you to save profiles and settings configurations.

It is very small in size and can be downloaded from the link which is provided at the end of the post. When you will launch this app, it works like a clock and starts showing current time from your PC, which is very handy for scheduling shutdown, restart or log off.

You can set a specific time for the system to turn off, log off or restart and can choose from AM / PM. Once the time and mode of power are chosen, click on the “Set” button to schedule.

Ninja Shutdown - online

The app also features an Online Mode that allows users to shut down their computer from a remote location over the web. To access this feature, one has to create an account, get the member pin, then validate to move forward.

If someone wants to hide this app from other users (especially from child’s), simply click Hide button and this freeware app will run in the background, it will not even show in Windows notification area.

You can download Ninja Shutdown from here.

Windows Reboot and Simple Shutdown Timer are another apps that may you prefer.


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