Sierra AirCard is owned by Netgear, hence you can call Netgear AirCard 778S Mobile Hotspot as Sierra AirCard 778S Mobile Hotpot. The Netgear AirCard 778S Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE mobile hotspot is equipped with a powerful battery that lasts up to 12.5 hours and a vivid LCD display to keep you informed of your data usage and network connectivity at a glance. You can get blazing fast internet speed on 4G network via AirCard 778S. Sierra AirCard 778S download speed is 100 Mbps whereas it can upload with maximum 50 Mbps, which is equivalent to Netgear AirCard 320U USB 4G Modem. Instead of 4G , 3G and 2G networks are also supported, where 4G networks are not available.

Netgear AirCard 778S Mobile Hotspot
Netgear AirCard 778S Mobile Hotspot

Netgear AirCard 778S 4G Mobile Hotspot supports up to 10 wifi devices, which is equivalent to Vodacom R210 Huawei mobile router. As concern about security –  it provides highest level wireless security with WPA/WPA2. It is powered with 1800 mAh Li-ion battery, which provides 12.5 hours internet in a single charge as well as 210 hours of standby.


The main features and specifications of Netgear AirCard 778S Mobile Hotspot :


1. Product Number : 778S

2. Network Technology :

LTE band s: B25, B26, B41
CDMA : Band class 0, 1 and 10

3. Dimensions : 109.5 mm (L) x 60.0 mm (W) x 17.0 mm (H) / 4.3 in (L) x 2.4 in (W) x 0.67 in (H)

4. Weight : 2.29 oz (65 g)

5. External Display : 1.77” LCD display

6. Battery Life :

Removable Li-ion battery (1800 mAh)
Up to 12.5 hours of continuous usage
Up to 210 hours of standby

7. Security :

WEP 64 (Open/Shared)
WEP 128 (Open/Shared)
WPA Personal TKIP
WPA2 Personal AES
WPA2 Personal TKIP AES
WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)
VPN pass-through
NAT firewall
Strengthened security web interface
Multiple SSID/Guest WiFi support
Password protected administration UI

8. Antenna Diversity Support : 2X2 MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) antenna for LTE

9. Operating temperature : 0 to 35° Celsius

10. Storage temperature : -40 to 85° Celsius

11. Key Features :

Vivid 1.77″ LCD display to monitor data usage, battery life and network connections
Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices
Removable Li-ion battery (1800 mAh) –up to 12.5 hours of continuous usage
Multiple SSID/Guest WiFi support
WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)


Netgear AirCard 778S Mobile Hotspot is a nice product from Netgear. You might be interested in Novatel MiFi 3352 3G Wireless Router also.

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