Making free calls over the internet is not so much big fun in this world. FaceTime, Viber, Skype and many more free applications are available over the internet to provide you free services. But, these all freeware software does not work with 2G network. You need a high speed internet and mango people can not afford this. Free Android app Nanu is here to change the world.

NanuNanu – a freeware app, claims to be able to let you call any other Nanu user for free even on 2G networks. The best part of the Nanu is, you can also call devices which don’t have the Nanu app installed, but those calls will be restricted to 15 minutes. Once the time limit expires, there is no way to call phones that does not running Nanu.

Another best feature of this Nanu is, the company says 1MB of data is sufficient for 10 minutes of phone calls. So, you have not to be worried about huge data charges also.

Presently, Nanu is preparing for new version, and till that it will be unavailable in Google play store.

Presently, Nanu is made for Android phones only, however developers says that it will be available on another platforms also soon. You can read more about Nanu.

Nanu app supports calls to landline numbers also in 41 countries including India as well as to mobile phones in 9 countries including India. Perhaps, apps for ‘iOS and Windows’ will be available later this year. Nanu also planning to add a messaging feature. So, very soon we will have a better call options in very cheap rates.

Download Nanu from Google Play Store

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