Windows OS comes with a built-in uninstaller, that provides a platform to remove the unwanted apps from the PC. After doing some changes, you will be able to install or uninstall software on the Windows PC in Safe Mode too. Removing installed applications from PC is a simple task, but sometimes a user is not able to remove particular applications due to some reasons, for example – corrupt file etc. Third party freeware does the advanced task for you and uninstalls all stubborn software from your PC, even it deletes the residual files, folders etc. In this post, we will use a free and portable uninstaller freeware called MyUninstaller.

MyUninstaller Review

MyUninstaller is too small in size and also does not require to be installed. Simply download it, double-click on the Exe file and the tool scans your PC and provides you complete details of the installed software on your computer.

myuninstallerOnce you double-click any software, it will let you know its properties like the installation folder, date of installation, product name, root key, uninstall string, web-site etc.

properties-of-a-softwareMyUninstaller is quite easy to use and there is no technical knowledge is required. Simply right click on the software which you want to remove, and you will get an option “Uninstall selected software”.


This freeware tool is compatible with all the version of Windows e.g. Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP. It allows you to Uninstall Selected App, Delete Selected Entries, Open Installation Folder, Installation Folder Properties, Open Entry in RegEdit etc.

The MyUninstaller can also remove multiple apps at a time, which features is not available in built-in Windows uninstaller. However, the removal process will be done one by one, allows you to select the multiple files and start the process with this tool, using the Advanced Mode of MyUninstaller.

advanced-modeAdvanced mode of MyUninstaller allows you to delete and uninstall multiple programs at once. This mode can be very powerful for advanced users, but if you are only a novice user, you should not switch to this mode.


If you are looking for a small but yet powerful and portable uninstaller freeware, you must try out MyUninstaller. You can download MyUninstaller from Nirsoft.