If you have accounts in several of the cloud storage services, say four different accounts, won’t it be troublesome to manage them?  Whether it is Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox. It’s a little bit annoying when you forget where you transferred those important files that you need as soon as possible.  Multcloud is a convenient way of accessing multiple online cloud drives through the web, with no software installations neccessary, MultCloud is a central management platform presented by AOMEI. It mainly serves for the users who have multiple cloud drives. The web service supports cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, SugarSync and so on.

Now MultCloud  3.1 has released,  MultCloud 3.1 further improve the stability and speed of the transmission by optimizing the network environment. MultCloud 3.1 mainly added supports replacing or skipping some files during file transfer and enhance SFTP service: Support logging in with Private key.

How to Use MultCloud ?

1. Enter the website: https://www.multcloud.com/, you need click “Create an Account” or “Sign up” to get started, then activate your account in your verification email.

MultCloud2. After complete registration, you can start to add your cloud services, MultCloud supports 16 cloud storage services in the new version.

Adding of cloud services - MultCloud3. You need sign in to your cloud drive, click “Allow” to authorize MultCloud, this can avoid important information retrieved by a third party.

Sign In - MultCloud4. When you add all your cloud services on MultCloud, you can start managing files between your cloud drives, you can cut, copy, rename, delete file etc. But MultCloud’s main function is scheduled transfer. It allows you to set the daily, weekly or monthly in the specific time for data transmission.

MultCloud - Managing File - Part 1

MultCloud - Managing File - Part 25. You will receive an email notifications after the transfer is completed.

MultCloud - Notification EmailMultCloud is a 100% free service to get access to multiple cloud drives, MultCloud uses a new background of transmission technology, that allows the server to get all of the data without having the device to be powered for all of the process. It’s best to create an account and start using it today.

 Update :

Some new added features below about MultCloud 3.2.0:

1. Added the “replacement” option.
2.Upgrade OneDrive API, and remove some limits.
3. Modified the bug of amazon cloud drive.
4.Optimize transmission environment.

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