With the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft had included a significant new built-in feature that was the ability to burn ISO images to disc. The future of burning ISO images to disc is continued in Windows 8 and Windows 10 too. It comes bundled with the ISO burning and also allows mounting of ISO images natively without any third-party software.

How to Mount ISO files in Windows 10?

1. Locate the ISO image file.

iso-image-file2. Right-click on the ISO file.


3. Click “Mount”.

4. Now it will mount the file in the virtual CD-ROM drive.


5. You can view the mounted ISO file by opening the Windows Explorer.

Note: It is very useful if some of theĀ games which need physical CD-ROM.

How to Burn ISO files in Windows 10?

1. If you want to burn any ISO file in Windows 10, locate the ISO file.

2. Right click on it and select Burn Disk Image.


3. It will open “Windows Disk Image Burner”.

4. Input the blank CD / DVD and starting burning it.

How to Unmount ISO file in Windows 10?

1. Open File Explorer by pressing Win+E simultaneously and click on “This PC” from left pane.

2. Right click on mounted virtual CD-ROM drive.


3. Click “Eject”.

That’s all.

Microsoft is also offering the official download link of Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 ISO file using Windows Media Creation Tool.

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