I was thinking to share this articles from a long time. Its a nice topic, as today there are so many ways to unlock the Huawei device. Also, there are so many people over the Internet who claims about unlocking the Huawei modem, router, gateway, and Wingle.

Huawei E586 wifi router
Huawei E586 wifi router

Do you know Which method is best for Unlocking the Huawei device?

  1. Patching Method
  2. Using Unlock Code

Patching Method to unlock Huawei

There are various developers are providing unlocking solutions of Huawei modems, routers, gateways, and Wingles. The most popular of them are DC Unlocker. The DC unlocker team can unlock almost all Huawei devices of the different brand as well as ZTE also. DC Unlocker team uses patching method. The team has developed a software which changes the boot file your device and then sends the unlock code to your device.

Why not Patching Method is the best?

In patching method, your device will be unlocked successfully without any hassle. But, you will never know your device IMEI. Once in future, whenever you will update the firmware of your device, your device will be locked again. Since, you don’t know your Huawei modem/router NCK code / unlock code, you have to pay the again same amount for unlocking your Huawei device using patching method.

Unlock Huawei Device Using Unlock Code

Your Huawei device can be unlocked using unlock code. Some Huawei dongles/gateways ask for unlock code and some do not prompt for unlock code. So, to unlock your Huawei using unlock code you need to fight a lot through various unlocking methods.

What is the benefit of Unlocking Huawei Device Using Unlock Code?

Since you unlock your device using unlock / NCK code. So, you know your device unlock / NCK code. So, in future, if your device gets locked again, you can easily unlock your device again using same unlock code. Unlock code for one IMEI will be unique always.