Meteor carrier of Ireland is offering Huawei E5330 mobile WiFi Hotspot router with a contract:

Device price Monthly cost Type Contract length Internet included
FREE €19.99 /month 3G 6 months 20GB
FREE €23.99 /month 3G 6 months 30GB
€ 39.00 €14.99 /month 3G 1 month SIM only 15GB

Huawei E5330 Meteor IrelandHuawei E5330 Hotspot comes with a built-in app to manage your Mobile WiFi. It is a 3G router that provides up to 21Mbps download speed and can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously in its WiFi modem. Its 1500mAH battery is able to provide up to 6 hrs of internet browsing once fully charged.


Since it comes locked to Meteor network, so you can not use another network provider SIM without unlocking it. For unlock / NCK code refer this article.

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