If you prefer to add the blur effect, please select Glass option.By default setting, the taskbar in Windows 10 is not transparent. You can make the Taskbar transparent through the personalization section of Settings app, but there is no way to make the taskbar 100% transparent or adjust the transparency level according to your choice. There are also options under Settings app to change Taskbar Color of Windows 10.

In this post, we will take the help of a third party app, Classic Shell. It can change the level of transparency 100%.

With the help of Classic Shell, you can easily adjust the taskbar opacity and also can add a glass effect to the taskbar to enhance the look.

How to make taskbar 100% transparent or adjust transparency level in Windows 10?

1. Download the Classic Shell.

2. Launch the setup file, and uncheck all options except Start menu and Classic Shell update.

unchecking-extra-options3. Click Next and wait to launch it.

classic-shell4. Click on “Show all settings”.

show-all-settings5. Click on “Controls” tab.

controls6. Select the option “Windows Start Menu” fromĀ “Left Click opens”, “Shift+Click opens”, “Windows Key opens”, and “Shift+Win opens”.

options-selected7. Now move to taskbar tab and click checkbox “Customize taskbar”.

taskbar8. Select Transparent as Taskbar look, and enter a value between 0 to 100 to adjust the opacity in “Taskbar opacity”.

taskbar-lookIf you prefer to add the blur effect, you can select Glass option under Taskbar look.


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