Kaspersky – the most popular Russian firm of Internet Security suite and anti-virus for Windows, has now come up with a free cleaning utility, calls it Kaspersky Cleaner. Basically, there are so many Windows PC Cleaner software’s available over the internet, and Kaspersky Cleaner is one of them. It is still in “Beta” stage needs various improvement.



You need to download a web installer from the Kaspersky official website, then have to run in your Computer to install Kaspersky Cleaner locally.

This program is developed for removing junk files and temporary files from PC running the Microsoft Windows OS.

Once you start the Kaspersky Cleaner, you can see ‘Start Scan’ on top of it. When you will move the cursor below the icons of START SCAN, it will reveal the following:

  1. System Cleanup – Clear Recycle Bin contents and temporary files.
  2. Restore System Settings – Restore settings that affect operationality of your operating system.
  3. Private Browsing – Block collection and use of your personal data.
  4. Remove Activity Traces – Clear cookies, history, logs.

Once you hit the Start Scan, all of the four tools will be used to scan your computer. After a short period, it will display the issues detected by this freeware.



You can click on any problem to review them or simply hit FIX button to fix them all.



Here, you will find issues are divided into important, medium-severe and minor problems, and color-coded on top of that. Red colored items highlight problems found during the scan that needs your attention while green colored items indicate that everything’s alright.

You can uncheck any of the issues found during the scan if you don’t want to fix them.


Once you fixed the problems by hitting FIX button, it will offer you to reboot the PC to apply the changes. If you don’t want to reboot immediately after fixing the issues, you can click on reboot later. It works well in Windows 10.


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