Many of us like dual booting operating systems. We have personally installed Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 as dual booting.

iReboot 2.0 For Windows

If you  have already installed the two operating systems in one PC, then you must know the waiting time for the boot selection menu. It is just boring work, since you every time want to change boot into another OS, you have to restart and to choose another operating system.

For an example, if you have set Windows 8.1 as the default OS in the boot menu and you want to boot into the Windows 10, you need to wait for the boot selection menu after restarting your PC to select it.

You can get rid of from the choosing of another OS in dual-boot mode, using iReboot v2.0. NeoSmart Technologies’ has launched a new version of iReboot, which is able to reboot your PC in another OS.

iReboot is freeware tool which is designed to help you quickly reboot into from one operating system to another. This software sits into the system tray. Just select the operating system that you want to boot into in order to reboot your PC and it will automatically boot into the selected operating system.

The newest version of iReboot uses just 400KB memory and works as promised by the developer. Now, there is no need to set any version of Windows as default OS. All works can be done itself by iReboot.

The iReboot is free for person use and can be downloaded from the official download link which is provided at the end of article. It is totally clean and no adware prompts you to install. It is also compatible with all recent versions of Windows 7, Win 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10.

Download iReboot

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