To enhance the user experience to make some tasks easy, we use add-ons or extensions. Earlier, we had used Video Blocker Extension for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that lets you block YouTube video channels easily. In Google Chrome, add-ons are known as extensions and in another browser we call it add-ons.

We can use three types of add-ons in Firefox browser:

Extensions – It adds new features for Firefox or modify┬áthe existing one. It can be used to block advertisements, download videos from websites, integrate Firefox with websites like Facebook or Twitter, and even add features from other browsers.

Appearance – There are two types of appearance add-ons: complete themes, which change the look of buttons & menus, and background themes, which decorate the menu bar and tab strip with a background image.

Plugins – It lets you add support for all kinds of Internet content. It usually includes patented formats like Flash and Silverlight that are used for video, audio, online games, presentations and more. Generally, plugins are created and distributed by other companies.

How to Install and Manage Mozilla Firefox Add-ons or Plugins?

1. Open Mozilla FireFox from the Desktop.

2. Open a new tab and browse for about:addons to open add-ons page


Click on settings icon as shown in below image to open the add-ons page.

firefox-settings3. Choose add-ons.

add-ons4. From left side menu, click Extensions to remove, enable or disable any extension which is already installed in your Mozilla FireFox browser. In similar ways, you can click Plugins to enable, disable, view or remove the plugin from your browser.

extensions5. To find and install any add-on, from the left side menu, click “Get Add-ons”.


6. Type your desired keyword in search box and press Enter from the keyboard.

7. When you find appropriate add-ons, click on Install button next to it.

install-add-ons8. It’s will be downloaded and installed in your browser. It may also ask you restart the browser.


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