Huawei WS322 mini wireless router is like Huawei E8258 (E8258Ws-2) Wireless Gateway Router. You can use Huawei WS322 as a mini wireless router at home as a portable Wi-Fi solution for business trips or for the WLAN infrastructure its major appearance. The smart all-in-one system in the compact power adapter format has a lot on it and like with trendy digital lifestyle design. The Huawei WS322 supports the WLAN standard 802.11 b/g/n and makes for brisk transfer rate of up to 300 Mbit / s. It comes with a 100M Ethernet port to configure it.

Huawei WS322 Wireless Router
Huawei WS322 Wireless Router

WS322 MIMO technology provides better coverage within the four walls. In its function as amplifiers of the WS322 automatically detected the signal strength and displays them graphically. The best feature of Huawei WS322 is that you can use it as a wireless router, wireless repeater or wireless client also. As you nee, you can easily switch from one mode to another.


The key features and specifications of Huawei WS322 Mini Wireless router :


1. Dimension :  73 mm x 73 mm x 34 mm

Huawei WS322 router

2. Weight :  94 g

3. Display :  Colored LED

4. Data Services :

WiFi : Yes

WLAN security : WPA/WPA2 PSK / AES

WPS : Yes (WPS “push button” method)

5. Supported Operating Systems :  Windows , MAC OS, Linux and others are supported

6. Power supply : 230 V

7. Other features :

Car Installation : Yes (via WPS “push button” method)


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