Order Price: 6USD

Order Delivery Time: 10 mins to 8 hrs

In this service, you can order the new Huawei modems, routers, gateways unlock codes.

Refund – Refund available, if the code does not work, I will personally check. No refund for the wrong model or wrong IMEI.

If you could not find the model on this service, you can check at other Huawei services at here.


  1. please help me sir , unlock my huawei E5172s-920 modem.IMEI :860453021491410. i dont have paypal i dont know use paypal..please help me sir…

  2. Good evening.

    I need to unlock a Huawei E5575S-201 (Pocketcube 4G) locked to H3G (Three Italy).

    IMEI Number 866887021481489

    Can you process the unlock code?

    How much does it costs?


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