Three / 3 / EE network of UK is now offering the Huawei E5330 to his customers.

Huawei E5330 EE UKIt is available in the UK with various plans like Broadband 1GB (24 months) for £10.87 / month, Broadband 5GB (24 months) for £15.99 / month and Broadband 15GB (24 months) for £20.10 / month with no upfront payment. Three UK is also offering Huawei E5330 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot with 5GB bandwidth (1 month) for £15.99 at £29.99 upfront cost; Broadband 10GB (1 month) at £29.99 upfront cost.

3 UK has also plans like Pay As You Go + 1, in this plan, you will get 1GB bandwidth for one month with a price £49.99. In Pay As You Go + 3 plan, you will get 3GB bandwidth for 3 months with a price £59.99. And the last one plan is Pay As You Go + 12, in this plan company is offering 12GB broadband for 12 months with a price £109.99.

You can read more details about the various plan which is offering three at here.

Unlocking of Huawei E5330 UK 3 is possible, but unlock code is not free. Its charge is only 6USD. After the unlock you can use any another network provider SIM in your device. To get the correct unlock code / NCK / SIM lock code pay 6USD in Paypal and mention model and IMEI in the transaction.



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