Huawei has released E5186 4G LTE Cat6 CPE Router along with E5786 Mobile WiFi router in the market as the successor of Huawei B593. Vodafone is already started selling Huawei E5186 gateway as Vodafone B4000 and Max Wireless of Germany is also planning to sell the same.

Huawei E5186 Router (Vodafone B4000 Gateway)

Presently two models of Huawei E5186 : E5186s-61a and E5186s-22a. Huawei E5186s-61a supports LTE FDD 700/1800/2600MHz TDD 2300Mhz, DC-PA+/HSPA+/UMTS 900/2100MHz and GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz operating frequency bands. However, Huawei E5186s-22a comes with 4G LTE FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz, 4G LTE TDD 2600MHz, 3G UMTS/WCDMA 2100/900Mhz and 2G GPRS/GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequency bands supported.

This Cat 6 LTE router is capable to download a file with maximum speed upto 300Mbps, while upload speed limit is 150Mbps in 4G/LTE FDD network. In 4G/TD-LTE, download speed is 224Mbps, and upload is 20Mbit/s.

It supports WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz and can connect wirelessly up to 64 devices. Build with Hi-silicon chipset, device has 2 External antenna ports (SMA female). The E5186 boast a memory card slot also, can be upgraded with up to 32GB of microSD card.

2 X 2 MIMO, USB 2.0 for host sharing and Printer, 4 x RJ-45 Ethernet Port (One for WLAN/LAN, Three for LAN), 2 x RJ-11 for Analog Telephone, Firewall, CS Voice, VoIP, VoLTE, TR069 Remote Management, HTTP Online Upgrade, QoS, USB Share, UPnP, IPV6, DLNA, Fax, Print and VPN are additional features of this gateway.

Huawei E5186 measures 194 x 177 x 64 mm dimensions, while weight is 450gm. It can be used with Windows/Linux/Mac OS. Presently its market price is apprx $500 (Roughly Rs 33,500).

Unlock code charge is for E5186 router is 6 USD, detailed procedure will be mentioned in next article.

The main specifications of Huawei E5186 :

Huawei E5186S-22a 4G LTE FDD: 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz
4G LTE TDD: 2600MHz
3G UMTS/WCDMA: 2100/900Mhz
2G GPRS/GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Huawei E5186S-61a LTE FDD 700/1800/2600MHz TDD 2300Mhz
DC-PA+/HSPA+/UMTS 900/2100MHz
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Speed 4G/LTE FDD: Downstream: 300Mbit/s Upstream: 150Mbit/s
4G/TD-LTE: Downstream: 224Mbit/s Upstream: 20Mbit/s
3G DC-HSPA+: Downstream: 42Mbit/s Upstream: 5.76Mbit/s
3G HSPA+: Downstream: 21Mbit/s Upstream: 5.76Mbit/s
3G UMTS: Downstream: 384Kbit/s Upstream: 186Kbit/s
Category LTE Category 6 (3GPP Release 11) WiFi Router
Wi-Fi WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz, can connect up to 64 devices
Antenna 2 External antenna ports
Memory Card Up to 32 GB
Chipset Hisilicon
Other Features 2 X 2 MIMO
USB 2.0 for host sharing and Printer
4 x RJ-45 Ethernet Port (One for WLAN/LAN, Three for LAN)
2 x RJ-11 for Analog Telephone
Firewall, CS Voice, VoIP, VoLTE, TR069 Remote Management
HTTP Online Upgrade, QoS, USB Share, UPnP
IPV6, DLNA, Fax, Print, VPN
Measurement 194 x 177 x 64 mm
Weight 450 gm
Operating System Windows / Linux and Mac OS


  1. I am in the process of making up my mind as to whether or not to purchase one of these routers. Is it possible to use a ubiquiti IP phone with one of these routers to access the minutes that will come with the SIM that I intend to put into the router. I have seen a Snom IP phone set up with a fritzbox and it seems easy enough.

    I do not want to buy an analogue phone to plug into the router because I consider it old technology which may become obsolete in years to come. I am not keen on the Fritzbox either because it cannot use the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies simultaneously. The Fritzbox router by the way, comes with a built in DECT station, but I would rather a router that does one thing well, than being able to do several things not so well.


  2. Hi, it’s dropped in my hand an E5186s-22a branded by, the password was lost by the previous owner and now it’s impossible to get it back from Huawei or (I’ve been in touch with both customer support).
    I open the device in search of some kind of label with the password, and I see they hide the USB and R11 connectors under a black plastic label.
    Now, the questions:
    – Is it possible to flash a brand-free firmware (I think, so… there are some fw files around)
    – Once done the above, will I gain use of the hidden features (USB, phone)?
    – the most important question: how can I do that?

    Thank you.


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