Today, we have come with the firmware update and dashboard of Huawei E367 modem. It can be unlocked with the help of firmware because it comes with customized firmware and you need to flash it. I have already written the unlock procedure for Huawei E367 and Huawei E353 modem through fr3nsis tool. Today, again I have come with some other things also which will help you to unlock your modem and you may like this.

Huawei E367 unlock
Huawei E367 unlock

Here we have updated dashboard of Huawei E367 for windows and also Mac operating systems. We have included driver separately so if any one need only drivers can download.

Download Huawei E367 Dashboard (Windows)

Download Huawei E367 Dashboard (Mac)

Download Huawei E367 Dashboard Update

Download Huawei E367 Firmware Update

Download Huawei E367 Driver

If you are owner of Huawei E367 modem and huawei e367 unlocker by fr3nsis could not help you then only go through this procedure.

Use universal master code to generate the flash code for your modem and then flash the modem with firmware update.

Universal master code Generator (NCK/Flash/Unlock code)


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