Huawei has just unveiled CarFi in MWC 2015 and the device is listed in the company website of Japan, dubbed as Huawei Car Wi-Fi 404HW.

Huawei Car Wi-Fi 404HWAccording to the official website, Huawei Car Wi-Fi 404HW measures 93.2 x 49.6 x 59.6 mm and weighs about 68 gms. It can be powered from a vehicle-mounted cigar socket (12V 2A). It features FDD-LTE system (2.1GHz / 1.7GHz / 900MHz), WCDMA system (2.1GHz) and WiFi IEEE802.11b / g / n.

The external interface of 404HW has Cigar socket, USB2.0, and Micro SIM slots. It can provide internet up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously. There is no word about its pricing and availability details.