Huawei has launched a new freeware software, calls it Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi). It is especially built for smartphone and tablet users. If you are Android user then you can download this app from Google Play Store and if you are an iPhone user then you can download it from here.

Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi)Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) tool merges the functions of the Huawei Mobile WiFi and RuMate apps to provide you with a more consistent and simplified management experience. Earlier Huawei Mobile WiFi and RuMate was both separate software, but now it is combined in one.

Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) works with many Huawei products, such as Huawei Mobile WiFi (E5 series), Huawei routers, Honor Cube, and Huawei home gateways etc. It can be used to search for and manage all Huawei HiLink terminal devices. Means, it lets you manage your HiLink devices from your phone or tablet.

Features of Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) :

•View network status, including your carrier name, roaming status, and signal strength.
•Manage connected devices, disconnect any device at the touch of a button and set Internet access priorities.
•Remind you when you have low battery, steep data usage, and new messages.
•Save and back up the files in your phone or tablet to the microSD card in your HiLink device.
•Share photos, songs, and installation files without generating mobile data traffic.
•Diagnose and optimize your HiLink device to its optimum state.
•Toggle between sleep and standard modes.
•Enable parental control and set limits on the duration of Internet usage for children.
•Set up a guest Wi-Fi network to improve the security of your home network.
•Provide diverse functionality, including the Internet connection wizard, SSID and password modification, APN modification, carrier selection, and device shutdown or restart.

Huawei HiLink APP can be used on the following devices :

Mobile WiFi (E5 series): E5331, E5332, E5372, E5375, E5756E5151, E5220, E5221, E5251, E589E5730, E5776, E5377, E5786, EC5321, EC5377U, etc

WinglesE8231, E8278, EC315, E355

CPE RoutersE5186, E5170

Home routers : WS318, WSR20, WS331a, WS331b, WS330, WS880, WS326, WS328, Honor Cube(WS860)

How to Use Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) Software to Unlock Routers and MiFi ?

1. Download Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) app from the above appropriate link and install in your phone / slate.

2. Put default SIM card and establish a WiFi connection with above tool.

3. Now, change the default SIM with another carrier SIM and launch the Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) app.

4. Go to setting.

Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) - setting5. Click “device”.

Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) - device6. Click “Unlock Device”.

Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) - unlock device

That’s all. You have done it. Put here correct 8 digit unlock code and your device will be unlocked permanently. The solution is applicable for all WiFi routers and MiFi routers, which does not come with COM port and also has customized WebUI, means does not give the option to input unlock code.

Share as much as possible to unlock the Huawei devices.


  1. 864035021003620 its imei

    i will enter nck code through huawei hilink mobile app
    message aapear simlock verification faild?

  2. i Am looking for long time how to unlock my huawei E303S-2 EMEI: 861737001994081 and finally saw your article through the Internet can you help me thanks in advance

  3. need unlock

    Name B593
    SN V4H5TD92B1903083
    IMEI 863168010337195
    Hardware version Ver.B
    Software version V100R001C82SP102

  4. hello sir, my router is HUAWEI B593
    kindly assist, i dont have a pay pal account.
    what are my options?

  5. HI, hilink app does not log into admin of my b310 router even when Im sure ive typed right password. it just goes back to previous screen with red dot on login. I am trying to change apn settings

    Please help

  6. Hi good day.. why i cant log in on my wireless router B315s-936 i just chamge my admin password.. when i typed it in it says incorrect password.. while when i log in using web browser it logs me in.. why?? Please help…thanks

  7. Hi good day.. why i can log in to this app huawei hilink? My wireless router is B315s-936. I know i just typed my password correctly.. an it says incorrect.. when i go in the web browser ang typed in the admon password it logs me in

      • Yeah when i log in to to web browser it logs me in but in huawie hilink… it doesnt.. its says incorrect password.. .. so why is that happen.. its not working on mobile…

        • Same here. I can log in using web browser (even on the phone) but HiLink states the password is incorrect. I think it’s because of the branded software. Mine is from Claro (DR). Some idiot changed the standard login, which is ‘admin’, to ‘Claro123’. Since HiLink doesn’t ask administrator login but only password, I assume there is the problem – it tries to match the password with ‘admin’ login which in my case is changed, once again by some retard, to ‘Claro123’ and cannot by changed.

  8. Hi, How can I unlock Huawei Mobile Wifi Model: E5220s-2
    IMEI: 865205023705725
    This I bought from orange but no longer using that network

  9. Hilo sir can help me firmwaee how I change because this router already work 4g postpaid sim than I want paripaid please Help me sir


    MODEL:B310s927 HUAWEI

  10. Yes sir if change sim need tha sim locked code

    IMEI = 354641014145018


    This need sim locked code sir please help me

  11. I have bought zong 4g bolt+ wifi but i cannot connect it to this hilink software. Please help

    IMEI: 863028030061995

    MODEL: LM53Q1

  12. Need Unlock Code for HUAWEI modem.
    Thank you-Ridwan

    Name : E5372S
    SN : W3KFGA9511900387
    IMSI : 510881330296304
    IMEI : 863959026290182
    ECI ID : 13105155
    PCI : 43
    Hardware version : CL1E5372TSM04
    Firmware version :


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