The unlocking of the PHS300 modem is supported now. Basically, PHS300 is manufactured by Prolink and identical in hardware if compare to ZTE modem MF190, and they can be unlocked by DC Unlocker cracked version. Unlocking of Prolink PHS300 modem is so simple, but with a trick.
Unlock PHS300 modem free

Unlocking of Prolink PHS300 was tested with DC-Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.0460, and you can find the software and guide in this article.

Basically, DC-Unlocker does not support the Prolink modem. You will not find Prolink in the Select Manufacturer drop-down list. So you need to select ZTE Datacards (that’s the trick).

DC-Unlocker software is not free, and the DC-Unlocker team charges a minimum of 4 EURO to unlock any modem. So, don’t download the latest version of the software; only the DC-Unlocker software’s cracked version will work, so follow the above-mentioned article link to download the DC Unlocker unlimited credit software free.

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