I had earlier shared unlocking solution of EC306 with the help of only CDMA workshop tool, but that works on only Tata Photon Max WiFi dongle. Now, we have come with a working solution of EC306 MTS wingle too. MTS EC306 Huawei wingle has customized firmware and can setting gets reverted back. Means after unlocking again it gets locked to MTS network. So, here we need to change the firmware for permanent unlocking solution.

MTS EC306 firmware update wizardHow to change the firmware of MTS India EC306 Huawei EVDO CDMA modem?

  1. Download the firmware which is mentioned at the end of the post.
  2. Now connect EC306 with PC USB and disconnect internet and close the browser and any another running software.
  3. Now, extract the download MTS EC306 in PC desktop.
  4. Run, the download firmware.
  5. Click Start.
  6. Accept the agreement and continue.
  7. It will ask you flash (password) code, provide here firmware code. (Note : You can get the firmware code by mentioning the model and IMEI in the comment).
  8. Wait till the finish wizard.
  9. Now, you have successfully flashed the customized EC306 dongle with un-customized firmware.

How to unlock MTS EC306 EVDO CDMA data card free ?

1. Download the CDMA workshop tool 2.7 Pre-cracked version from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now extract in a folder and run it.

3. Now in the COM port drop down list select the com port to which you have connected the MTS EC306 EVDO CDMA dongle. (To get the COM Port read this article.)

4. Now after detecting the COM port click on “Connect” and your MTS EC306 EVDO CDMA modem will be connected to the CDMA Workshop 2.7.0 tool.

5. After the MTS EC306 is connected go to the security tab and click Read button.

6. When SPC code will be available in the box then click on SPC button. (If SPC code is not available then write 000000, if it is not working then generate from here).

7. Now you will get two option Send and Write as in below screenshot. Click on Send button and you will get a message spc accepted.

8. Now select the Other tab and in the RUIM – select RUIM if availabe or to ruim only and click on the write button. Now you have successfully unlocked your MTS EC306 EVDO CDMA dongle.

Note : Now you can use both CDMA inbuilt and CDMA of another network provider facility in your MTS EC306 EVDO CDMA modem. If you select RUIM-only then the default CDMA service will not work and if you select RUIM if available then you can use CDMA service without the sim and CDMA of another network provider when you insert the sim into the MTS EC306 EVDO CDMA dongle.

I am not charging for this unlocking solution, but if you are interested in donating some amount, then you are welcome at PayUMoney.

Download Unlocked Huawei EC306 Firmware

Download CDMA Workshop Tool 2.7 Cracked Version

Update :

Download Firmware Huawei EC306-1 Update Universal

Download Firmware Huawei EC306-2 Update Universal


  1. I am unable to set ruim only. all things goes normal but when i reinsert card the mode goes NV Only. tell me the way how i can set it to ruim olnly mode.
    IMSI Number: 404001355992177

    Firmware Version:
    Hardware Version: CE1EC309M
    PRL Version: 9
    PESN: 80ac87fe
    MEID: a000002e3f7558

    when i try to update with file .283 it ask passwrd for firmware update . i dont have this passowrd.

    plz help

  2. IMED: A000002e08c5b2 Plz send me Firmware Updater code. One thing else please tell me which file is suitable for EC 156 and EC 306 Huawei for Firmware Update. Thanks in advance

  3. model huawei ec306-1

    meid A00000435F5DFO

    i have tried unlocking which you have said in your posts about error 19 i tried every thing but it did not worked. pls guide me step by step.

  4. 0k i will once more check setting in cdma. can i insert sim or not in dongle.first what to do cdma workshop or firmware update

  5. MEID : A00000493CAA1F
    these data may help:
    Huawei Modem 3.0:
    Сообщения в устройстве: 0/99
    Контакты в устройстве: 0/300
    Номер IMSI: 255041952849628
    Версия ПО (Firmware):
    Версия АО: CE1EC309M
    Напряжение (мВ): 85
    Версия PRL: 8884
    PESN: 804b78cf
    MEID: a00000434cd4e8
    DC-Unlocker2 klient 1.00.1299:
    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)
    Found Diagnostics port COM9
    Found modem : EC306-1
    Model : _Unknown Huawei modem_
    IMEI : 000000000000000
    Serial NR. : K4SDWA9381204397
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Jul 18 2013 15:19:15
    Hardware ver. : E1EC309M Ver.A
    Dashboard version : UTPS23.
    Chipset : Qualcomm
    NAND Flash : H8BCS0PE0MBR
    SIM Lock status : unknown(read failed)

  6. firmware updated done using given flash code.
    but in cdma workshop password 000000 not accepting.
    i used DFS tool. connected modem basic details comes.
    CEFS read option 5hrs gone still no results comes.
    i have tested with windows xp and windows 7 No luck.
    not able to find SPC code. help me now what to do.

  7. do you have ZTE AC8710 Firmware, ITS Tataindicom CDMA Device hacing SIM Slot Model.
    Problem is “Contact Service” message comes. so i want to flash firmware.

  8. Still Not found spc. scanning not progress. long time.
    But all other details come. successfully connected to com port.
    Windows SP also tryd. any idea please share

  9. MTS Huawei EC306-1 with original firmware DFS memory scan shows SPC code with same computer (windows 7) installed.

    but when i update your given firmware EC306-1_Update_11. and Unlocked Huawei EC306_Firmware

    tested not able to Find SPC via DFS, progress bar moving long time but no results.
    modem sucessfully connected via comport. i checked with all detected com port. but not able to find SPC code.

    can you provide any working video tutorial how to do same. thanks.

  10. Good evening I have a little worry my huawei modem EC306 no longer displays the EVDO networks after I tried to unlock it by the workshop CDMA workshop 2.7 cracker.

    For the code spc I used 000000

    How will I make the EVDO network work again?

    MEID A0000036F78FF3

  11. OK sir I just woken up with the update EC306-2 which on your site the EVDO network is displayed again

    Thank you Happy New Year 2017

  12. Model : EC 306 -1
    MEID -A0000043605C13

    my dongle doesnot have sim insertion slot .
    there is some insertion slot and sim like thing but is fixed..shall i break it forfully to take off the sim like thg..

    can i insert bsnl gsm sim in it if i am able to insert sim


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