I have already provided the unlocking solution of 4G+ Modem MegaFon Turbo M150-2. In the previous post, we have also seen the unlocking of Huawei E3370 Beeline Dongle of Russia. The operator is now also selling M150-2, which is different from previous and basically it is Huawei E3372H.

When you will detect it under DC unlocker, you will get info like :

Modem Found: MegaFon M150-2
Model: Huawei _Unknown modem_
IMEI: 866119026303660
Serial NR. : G4PDW15701077974
Compile date / time: Jun October 2015 19:48:00
Hardware ver. : CL2E3372HM
Dashboard version: MGF_Dashboard_Win2.3.4_Mac2.3.4
SIM Lock status: Locked (Card Lock)
Wrong codes entered: 0 (unlock attempts left: 10)

You can differentiate both by the firmware version only. Older firmware is, while new device is carrying

How to unlock MegaFon 4G M150-2 (Huawei E3372H) of Russia ?

  1. Download DC unlocker in your PC.
  2. Detect your MegaFon 4G M150-2 (Huawei E3372H) in software.
  3. When it will show the info about your data card, then go to the end of the result.
  4. Type “AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128” (without quotes) and press enter from the keyboard.

5. Now, it will show NV codes in hash format. Copy the hash details, and keep in a notepad. Hash code will be converted into the unlock code and after receiving the payment it will be mailed back to you.

Note : Unlock code is not free, its charge is only 6 USD, which you can pay through PayPal, payza or perfect money.


  1. Error… :'( brow can you help me? My modem is locked with fw 22.315.01.161 could not be in a flash with other fw, always modem disconnects itself when the flashing process with fw other than that version (MegaFon M150-2)


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