Unlocking of Huawei E5172s-920 STC Router of Saudi Arabia is very easy, as it comes with un-customized firmware and after changing the default SIM with another network SIM, the device asks you to enter the unlock code. For single unlock code, the charge is only 2.38 USD, while for bulk you can refer this post.

But, Huawei E5172s-927 STC router of Saudi Arabia comes with customized firmware and does not ask you for unlock code. This article is based on Hasan Abdullah comments at http://modemsolution.com/unlock-huawei-e5172-stc-saudi-arabia-wifi-router-gateway/#comment-1918684201

According to the comments made, E5172s-927 can be unlocked via firmware upgrade process only.

How to Unlock Huawei E5172s-927 STC Router of Saudi Arabia

1. Download the firmware E5172S-920_Anti_STC_927_Update and unzip in a folder using Winrar.

2. Make sure your router is connected to a constant power supply, during firmware upgrade process, any power failure will make dead your E5172S-920 STC router.

3. Access router management page by entering (or refer bottom of the router) into your web browser (better use Internet Explorer).

4. Login to device using username and password of the router (default user : admin / password : admin)

5. From the HOME page go to UPDATE.

6. Click browse to navigate to the place where you have extracted the E5172S-920_Anti_STC_927_Update.BIN file and click on open to select it.

7. Press update and wait for the finish. When it finished click on login to once again login to the router manager.

8. Download the update firmware from the following link or any other firmware you want. Different firmware gives access to different features available on the router that STC block, such as the external antenna, voice calls, different frequencies etc.

9. Download Huawei E5172s-927 STC Router unlocked firmware (MPWUDPUPDATE_V200R001C115SP100.BIN)

10. Once again, login into to the router manager and update the firmware following the previous steps (4 – 7).

11. When it has completed updating, log in again. That’s it! Your router is now unlocked.

12. If you want to update the firmware you have to first update with the file named: E5172s-927_AntiOM100.BIN then update with your desired firmware.

Note : We have personally not checked the procedure. Do it at your own risk.

Credits goes to HAMD.G he has uploaded full video at :


  1. The firmware downloaded from the given link is a ZIP file, but WinZip shows an error when trying to open it. Can anyone help?

  2. i download n try to update my huawei LTE CPE E5172-927 router. but at the middle of updating coming an error. verification failed. pls help

    S/N 354641015126017

  3. i have been trying and keep getting file verification failed, is there a way to disable the file verification process? i have tried E5172s-927_AntiOM100, MPWUDPUPDATE_V200R001C115SP100, MPWUDPUPDATE_V200R001C209SP100 all Firmwares but i keep getting “file verification failed”, i have downloaded the E5172S-920_Anti_STC_927_Update twice but unzipping says error “file corrupt”. been on this for 4 days now. Any help would be appreciated, this device is driving me nuts, but i am not ready to give up just yet.

    • hello, if you still want it done, you can contact me, i have the firmware that will work with spectranet routers, but you should know it comes with a price tag too. 08035243218

  4. i just downloaded E5172S-920_Anti_STC_927_Update successfully and still the same error “file verification failed. Please what can i do?

  5. Thanks Kamlesh for the guide. Still the same error, i have checked the video but i still have the same problem, i have tried it on 3 laptops in the office now, including mine and all the same results, i have tried 3 different firmwares. i have followed all the steps to the very last letter. Am i missing something? when i plug the LAN cable i can access the admin panel so i am sure there is a connection, and also the modem is not online, but i connected the pc to the internet via Wi-Fi network.

  6. Thank you very much….I followed the process and I was able to unlock my STC modem without any issues…For those getting any error i wud suggest:
    1. Use IE instead of Chrome etc.
    2. Use Jzip if the file shows error while extracting via winrar.
    Thanks again

  7. Hi Kamlesh,

    I want to unlock my Huawaei router.
    following are the details. kindly help :

    Model: E5172s-927

    SN: P6R7SB93C0306368

    IMEI: 354641012262252

    Hardware version: Ver.B

    Firmware version: V200R001C1147SP100

  8. hi kamlesh
    i unlock my stc 4g router.
    now its work with another sim.but only 3g,
    4g conectivity work only for stc not for other sim,

  9. Hello good day to you sir, i have samsung SGH-S150G and EMEI is 351667 06 543574/6/03 THIS samsung MOBILE PHONE is from saudi arabia and its lock by sim please help

  10. Hello,

    I have Airtel 4g same model as Huwaei E5172bs 925 ….Can id o something to unlock it.Can i upload this firmware in my router and will it unlock?I am from India

    Please help me bro

  11. Hi Kamlesh, i fail to understand step 8. can you explain it further do we have to browse and use the same firmware which we used on the step 6 ? Kindly help

  12. I have followed the steps and my STC router 5172s-927 is unlocked now. It is absolutely free.

    Download first file to be updated through your router from

    https://routerunlock.com/?wpfb_dl=1215……………….it is working.

    After updating login again on your router and update another file which is known as firmware….

    from https://mega.co.nz/#!sQxFWR4I!nwuYOOYj1Yzicrp6jLzOW3386g1SNVODek_y2vM0Fdc

    This file will be in Arabic but dont worry open the folder and find the file in software folder.

    file name is MPWUDPUPDATE_V200R001C115SP100.BIN

    Then restart your router and login again with the new sim of other co. Most of the time new sim will be locked, so put your sim’s pin.

    Wait for some time it will be working automatically.

    How to login you can watch on

    Thanks to this blog to help me.

  13. Good Day Sir Kamlesh! 😀
    Can you please Unlock my HUAWEI E5172

    IMEI: 354641011951913
    MODEL: Huawei E5172s – 927
    Location : Saudi Arabia

    Thanks in Advance
    By the way Im just a highschool student and admire your works! 🙂 🙂 thumbs up!

  14. Good Day Sir Kamlesh! 😀
    Can you please Unlock my HUAWEI E5172

    IMEI: 354641011951913
    MODEL: Huawei E5172s – 927
    Location : Saudi Arabia

    Thanks in Advance
    By the way Im just a highschool student and admire your works! 🙂 🙂 thumbs up!

  15. Respected Kamlesh sir i have Modem MODEL: Huawei E5172s – 927 Location Saudi Arabia , as below process i already follow and unloked the modem, now sim is appearing and signal is there but no internet access, also i checked APN Management so there is still is appearing APN Profile as origenal carier provider, so i try to add new sim provider APN and Profile, but not possible to add new, also not possible to delete origenal carrier detail in APN.
    Please Help me.


  16. Respected Kamlesh Sir, as below Modem i already unlocked, but not possible to add new provider APN, therefore modem now working normal but no internet access, please if you can help.

    MODEL: Huawei E5172s – 927
    Location : Saudi Arabia

  17. Hi Sir Kamlesh,

    Can I request to unlock my STC 4g router;

    Huawei E5172s-920
    IMEI: 860453021685243

    Thank you in advance Sir

  18. sir i have this modem but and unlocked my problem is that the lan light is always on even i didn’t connect the wire and when i connect it . it doesn’t work . but the wifi is working .. can you help me sir >

  19. sir i ready to pay the money $2.38 but what is one password cost ? i cant understand that this modem need how many password ? what about that firmware upgrade you do through remotely no need to upgrade firmware? kindly tell me sir

  20. hello sir i have update stc 4g router upload thi BIN files, after updating just 3g is working 4g cannot working, 4g error code 3254, how to solve this problem, please solve my problem,

  21. I successfully unlocked my router , but when i using MOBILY sim 4G not work . If this is any F/W problem plz suggest me any other F/W and please give me link ….

  22. hello every body, and special thanks to Mr. Kamlesh Kumar and Hasan Abdullah
    I already unlocked STC Router model E5172S-927 via firmware upgrade process and it is succefully done.
    thank you very much Mr. Kamlesh

  23. but unfortunately i forced the same problem that happen with Mr. Usman (just 3g is working 4g cannot working)
    Mr. Kamlesh can you tell us wish firmware solve this problem?

  24. unfortunately the same problem happen with me, just 3g is working 4g cannot working
    Mr. Kamlesh can you help us about the firmware that can help?

    • Reset the device, Change the default SIM with another network, plug to PC with LAN cable, login to router and search option for NCK / unlock / SIMLock and enter the code.

  25. Dear Kamlesh, Trust you are doing well and I hope you will be able to help me. I did the unlock and all working well. Sim card is detected. SHowing signal. But the issue is I am not able to add a new APN for the mobily sim not I am able to edit the exising APN of STC. what could be wrong? If I can add a new APN then it will work. PLease can you help

  26. Please help I can’t do something not easy to send money…
    Model: LTE CPE E5172s-927
    IMEI 860453021109111
    S/N C5P5TB9351500099
    Can do something Kamlesh?
    Thank you may ALLAH be with you

  27. hi sir i unlocked my router but after some days i reset my router .bt after resetting my router wlan is not working plz give a solution

  28. hi after unlocking & updating my router is not working . i is not connected to devices . means any connection are not show. and all lights of buttons are glowing. modelno. huawai E5172s-927 quicknet 4g router.

  29. Hi sir..ive been able to unlock my 5172s 920….but there’s no option for APN, which is stopping me from accessing internet, from what I’ve check online I’ll have to update it, but I don’t know to, Cus I’ve tried using the e5172 updater but nothing happened, it just kept sending packet for 5 hours, and neither is there an option in admin home for update, Pls what do I do?

  30. Unlock all Huaweil and ZTE modems locked to Swift, Spectranet, Smile, Etisalat, MTN, GLO
    and other NIgeria networks for #1200 and the stubborn -601’s for #6000. i will put you
    through unlocking process and unlock before you pay. whatssap on 08057947346
    I also unlock Iphones and Other Android phones, call for price on 08057947346

  31. Dear sir,
    I have STC 4G E5172S-920 when turn on power after few second Power sign in ( Red ) and WLAN and WPS are on not initializing net work.plz help me

  32. Hi
    I’m unable to add an APN
    After updating and unlocking, I tried adding an APN corresponding to the sim I have. But when I click on submit nothing happens.
    Can anyone help me through this??

  33. I have successfully unlocked Huawei E5172s-927 STC Router. It is working good on LAN. but when i connect through wifi, its shows NO INTERNET ACCESS. Any Idea will be greatly appreciated.

  34. sir my stc huawei lte cpe e5172-927 file verification failed many times to try any frimware failed and failed how to solve………..imei 354641015365524 s.n P6R7S14513006902 here now in phillpines sir…….help me to unlocked thanks sir

  35. Halo. My router firmware. Update finish before power offed. Now no working. No LAN. Network and wifi network. How to new.firmwere upload please help

  36. hallo Kamlesh Ji

    Is there an latest firm ware Update for STC E5127s 927 modem?
    the Current firm which is in the modem is MPWUDPUPDATE_V200R001C00SP201_Universal is this firm ware ok to work for JIO or Airtel or Vodafone?

  37. bonsoir Kamlesh Kumar voici les informations de mon router Service Provider : MOBILY
    Product Name : 4G – LTE WiFi Gateway
    Model ID : WLTFQQ-124GN
    Hardware Version : V02
    IMEI : 358916049279289
    IMSI : Not Available
    Firmware Version :
    Firmware Creation Date : Feb 5 15:52:49 CST 2014
    Bootrom Version : U-Boot 1.1.4
    Bootrom Creation Date : Feb 5 2014 – 15:59:22
    Modem Firmware Version : LE2031
    LTE Support Band : 38,41 est que c’est possible de déverrouille pour utiliser une autre carte sim je suis en cote d’ivoire merci

  38. Hi Kamlesh Kumar,

    I try this procedure on my eE5127s 927 modem,but is says that file verification failed. pls… help regards carlo!

  39. Hi Kamlesh

    Please can you help me unlock STC Router E5127s-927. I followed the above article, but always gets an error that file upload failed. My router details are as follows:

    Model: E5172s-927
    Hardware version:Ver.B
    Firmware version:V200R001C1206SP063

    Please can you help me unlock this

  40. Help me to unlock my router please
    Product information
    Model: E5172s-927
    SN: P6R7S15601004576
    IMEI: 866840024074926
    Hardware version: Ver.B
    Firmware Version: V200R001C406SP400
    Date of firmware design: 12/04/2015 09:20:33

  41. Hi kamlesh ji i just updated firmware and when I trying to connect it’s give me error code 311 and also I can’t change or add APN settings or new APN for Jio or Vodafone
    Model is e5172.
    Please help me with your rewards

  42. Hello sir i have stc 4g router E5172s_927 .i already unlock zain working good but mobily 3g also good but 4 g not support any solution pliz…?

  43. I have performed all the procedures as per your instructions.. it looks like it is unlocked.. nevertheless i can not add or edit accesspoint .. i dont know what to do..

    Please anyone give me a guidline..
    i don’t know wether i will get notified when someone responds…
    My whatsapp number is +966552883445

  44. I have followed all your firmware and my wifi is working on airtel so I want so clarification
    1. Can this work on jio now not working
    2. Still apn setting of jawal. Net
    if you I will pay then can you give password of apn change so please send me link of payment.
    4.after apn change what benifit I will achieve

    • It’s fine now I unlocked 2 routers one worked while the other had problems even getting signals so i slept and called it a night, But when I woke up I got signals for FDD but it wasn’t connecting. I used the configuration for the modem which I succeeded in unlock without any problems it worked!!! You might don’t even have to modify the APN it does automatically for you.Well it did for me at least since i used mobily and STC to check if my router worked,its working fine now.


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