Idea Net Setter Huawei E1732 comes with customized dashboard and firmware. Hence, you can not unlock it through the normal procedure as we were doing in the unlocking of other Huawei modems. You have to go through a long procedure and patience.

How to unlock Huawei E1732 Idea Customised modem firmware free?


1. Before downloading the below mentioned firmware and CDMA workshop tool, disable all the antivirus of your PC, till the time of unlocking.


2. Plug your Idea E1732 to the computer with any other operator sim card and let it install its driver in PC.


3. Now, right-click on the My Computer icon and select manage > device manager and go to Ports (COM – LPT). Here, you will see something like HuaweiMobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM8), in my example COM8 is our system port number and I have noted it.


4. Run CDMA Workshop.Exe and click on Main and select the COM port number in COM Settings (AT mode) box.

CDMA Workshop Tool main tab - COM Port Selection
CDMA Workshop Tool main tab – COM Port Selection
5. Now click on the “Connect” button.
connect CDMA workshop
connect CDMA workshop
6. After getting the device connected, click on “Read” button.
read flash in cdma workshop
read flash in cdma workshop
7. Click on Security Tab and in SPC field select Default (nv_read) as SPC and type 000000 in blank box and click on SPC and you can see the pop-up window click on SEND.
cdma security tab - CDMA Workshop V2.70 cracked version
cdma security tab – CDMA Workshop V2.70 cracked version

8. Now navigate to Memory TabNV Items, and click on Read. You will see pop-up confirmation box then click on OK.


9. Now NV Items Backup box will appear. In the box straight to Last NV Item type 9999 and click OK and save the file by giving a file name you like (Eg: E1732Unlock etc.)


10. Now run the E1732 downgrader and accept the terms and conditions and then click on Next and it will read your modem. Let it finish, then it will show your modem data then click on Start.


11. In the process, if you get a message “Update failure after downloading program”, don’t worry and click on OK.


12. Again come to CDMA Workshop > Main tab and click on Disconnect and unplug your modem.


13. Again plug your modem on the same USB port of PC and run CDMA Workshop and check and select COM port as we have done previously.


14. From the CDMA workshop tool, select COM port and click on Connect and navigate to Memory tab – NV Items – click on Write and now you can see one confirmation box, click on OK. Click on Open then browse and select the file which we have saved before.


15. When the process will reach up to 100% you can see success message then click on OK. From the Main tab Disconnect your modem and you are Done.


Now enjoy your unlocked E1732 Idea Huawei modem all over the world with any another network provider sim.


Download CDMA workshop tool (Link removed due to virus detection, kindly google it),


Download Huawei E1732 Idea modem downgrader


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