Huawei B160 (Vodafone Neo 3100) desktop phone can be purchased in Romania through DigiMobil network provider. Since it is locked to DigiMobil carrier, you can not use any another network provider SIM in this phone.

Huawei B160 (Vodafone neo 3100)

Huawei B160 / Vodafone Neo 3100 supports 2G  and 3G SIM-cards. It features WCDMA 900/2100 MHz & GSM/GPRS900/1800/1900 MHz operating frequency bands.

The features of Huawei B160 / Vodafone Neo 3100:

  1. Voice, phone book and call records
  2. Supports handles or hands-free calls
  3. Support caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, three-way calling
  4. Support emergency call services
  5. Support SMS, USB port to connect to PC
  6. Data services
  7. Support USB modem Plug & play
  8. Menus
  9. Alarms, calendar, calculator, world time
  10. Rechargeable battery

How long we need to wait for a Huawei unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for a Huawei unlock code is 1 to 10 days.

The average response time for a Huawei unlock code is 2 days (based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock Huawei B160 (Vodafone Neo 3100)?

1. Change the default SIM with another network provider SIM / unacceptable SIM.

2. Plug the phone to PC using USB cable.

3. Now, the Huawei B160 will redirect you to unlocking page.

4. Enter the correct 16-digit NCK / SIMLOCK code.

5. After putting the correct NCK / SIMLOCK code in the device, it will show the network.

Now, your phone is unlocked forever.

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