Idea and Vodafone carrier of India have launched the Huawei E3372 modem that is a hilink device, means it comes with a built-in IP address ( / It provides the internet connection through Web-page. Idea dongle comes with firmware version or 22.317.01.00.356 and WebUI

Huawei E3372 data card
Huawei E3372 data card

Idea (+ Vodafone) E3372H-607 is a 4G dongle, means it can provide you download speed up to 150 Mbps, while its upload speed limit is 50 Mbps. When you will change the SIM and connect to PC, you will see there are 0 attempts left to enter unlock / NCK code. Means it has customized firmware, and without flashing the device,  it can not be unlocked.

How to unlock Hilink Huawei E3372H-607 dongle of Idea India?

  1. Download unlocking firmware of E3372H-607 and Balong tool.

2. Open the device and touch the boot pin and ground pin through a twizzer or wire as shown in the image, and same time connect to Windows PC.

3. You will see something is installing on your PC, that is drivers.

4. Run the Balong tool and click on “Detect” button. It should show “BOOT_3G” port, means everything is right.

Now locate the Bin file (will be shared with paid users only) under “Loader” and click on “Load” button.

5. Once progress bar reaches up to the end, run the downloaded firmware.

6. Wait till finish wizard.

Now, your device is successfully flashed. Now your IMEI will be erased and the device will not work. I will fix the rest remotely.

If you want to change the default WebUI of Idea E3372H-607 data-card, then you can use the following :

Download Huawei E3372H Original WebUI (Idea India) (USSD supported)

Download Huawei E3372H WebUI (Universal)

Vodafone India has also launched hilink E3372h dongle, that comes with Hardware version: CL2E3372HM, firmware version: and WebUI version

Airtel is also offering Huawei E3372h-607 dongle in India, but it has non-hilink firmware and can be unlocked by changing the firmware and with a correct SIMlock code.

Update: Unlocking solution is available now. Both Idea and Vodafone locked E3372h devices can be unlocked by boot shot method, means you need to unscrew the device. Charges will be Rs. 400. Interested people can pay through payumoney.

Update I: In Bulgari by Telenor carrier, E3372H modem is available. It comes with firmware :, hardware ver. : CL2E3372HM, dashboard version : WEBUI_17. and Web UI version : WEBUI_17. It has also customized firmware and can be unlocked with above-mentioned manner. It is tested and working fine.

Update II: Optus Australia is also offering E3372h-607 dongle. It comes with firmware version 22.315.01.00.74 and WebUI It can be also unlocked in the same manner. The remote unlocking charge is 8USD, you can pay at PayPal.

Update III: For unlimited safely unlocking and repairing of E3372H (Hilink and non-hilink) charge is Rs. 5000 or 100 USD.


  1. I downloaded Idea Firmware on Airtel Modem by mistake. Now it is locked to Idea.
    Can you please help me change back to Airtel ?

  2. Sir I have Huawei E3372H-607 with firmware version
    kindly provide me its downgrade firmware to execute AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 to get it unlocked

  3. Sir I have idea E3372 607. I’m not satisfied with idea. I want to change to another network. But data card locked. How to unlock my data card.

  4. Hi, I m using unlocked Idea e3372-607 data card with Jio sim with my Asus router. I feel it is only latching with 1800 Mhz band of Jio network & not latching to 2300 Mhz band.
    It is having Software version: & Web UI version:

    Kindly tell me, is there any firmware or WebUI which is having RSSI status, Network Band selection control, port forwarding & DMZ controls & manual DNS settings like other routers?

  5. Hi, I have an Idea Huawei E3372H-607 with firmware,
    it was originally unlocked when i bought it from ebay, but got locked after a firmware update,
    can it be unlocked.

  6. hi Kamlesh Kumar
    i need idea e3372h-607 unlock solucation
    pls give me ur whatsapp number or contact my number 9966666339……….

  7. i have idea e3372h-607 hilink how use it as driver port mode like e1732 also want to know that doing this process can effect my dongal 4 g data speed

  8. Hello, I have some E3372h-510 with Firmware: and WebUI:

    I require to downgrade the firmware to 21.x version in order to use them in stick mode instead of HiLink.

    When trying to flash a new WebUI firmware or to downgrade the firmware I always get an error code 19.

    I do not need them unlocked for another carrier, but don’t mind to do it if necessary. Also would be willing to pay for a method of downgrading the firmware.

    Can you help me?

  9. Sir Thanks to you the modem is unlocked. But the serial no. has been changed. how to reset seriel no. of e3372h-607 that you unlocked yesterday.

  10. ===================================================================

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1361

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    modem not found !

  11. Dear Kumar,
    I have a vodafone locked huawei device, and the details of it are as:
    Model No E3372H-607
    IMEI No. 866850024092190
    S/N No. Y4QDU16708000219
    Please help me to unlock it.

  12. After successfully touching pin and connecting, windows 7 cannot find the right driver.

    Does windows 7 have a driver or is windows 10 required?

  13. Dear sir i have huawei airtel 3372H-607 datacard which was unlocked but after a hilink firmware update it become idea hilink datacard and it is not accepted other network sim means it is locked please will you tell me how can i unlock this datacard so that i can use jio or other sim in it.

  14. i can”t open it with screws i can hit it by stones hahahahha
    dear tell me some other solution i will pay you your said money
    you can try it with team viewer or i can send it to you at your address.

  15. Device Name: E3372
    Hardware Version: CL2E3372HM
    Software Version: 22.315.01.00.74
    Web UI Version:
    is poosible to link modem is brick on download mode..please help


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