Huawei has released E5372s-32 MiFi WiFi router, which comes in Indonesia locked to Bolt carrier. It comes with customized firmware and does not accept the unlock code / NCK. The only solution is that flash the device with un-customized firmware and then only you can unlock E5372.

DC unlocker has created a software, calls it Huawei E5372 Bolt Unlocker v4, can be used to unlock customized E5372s-32 Bolt MiFi WiFi router. But, he charges 7 EURO for unlocking of one device. I have already tried with all available firmware of Huawei E5372, but no success in flashing the device.

Finally, I got the E5372_Update_21. (Bolt E5372s-32 Downgrader), that flashed the device successfully and in the firmware upgrade process only, it got unlocked too.

In any case, firmware update gets failed, then use Huawei R215 – E5372 flasher tool to repair bricked E5372.

How to Unlock Customized Huawei E5372s-32 Bolt MiFi WiFi Router of Indonesia ?

1. Download the E5372 downgrade firmware from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Connect device to Windows PC with USB cable.

3. Disconnect internet, close any running software and web browser.

4. Run the firmware update tool.

5. It will ask you password, use firmware code as password (If you don’t have firmware update code then comment below with model and IMEI to get it free).

6. Wait till finish the firmware update.

7. During the firmware update, your Huawei E5372s-32 Bolt MiFi WiFi device of Indonesia will be unlocked.

Note: Don’t try this procedure with any another device, it may brick your MiFi. Some users say that it does not work with 4G Bolt network. So, do at your own risk.

It should work with firmware version (Build Mar 15 2015, 10:52:54) and too, if not then let me know.

Download Firmware Update E5372_21. (Bolt E5372s-32 downgrader)


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