Unlocking of Bell Canada Huawei E8372 wingle is supported at routerunlock.com. Our team can provide the correct unlock of all types of Huawei devices. If your dongle is locked to a particular country and network, then must unlock it, if you want to use with another carrier SIM card. Once the device is unlocked, you can use the default as well as other carrier SIM cards too.

How long we need to wait for a Huawei unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for a Huawei unlock code is 10 minutes to 8 hrs.

The average response time for a Huawei unlock code is 30 minutes (based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock Bell Canada Huawei E8372 Modem?

1. Change the default SIM card with any another network provider.

2. Connect to PC USB port.

3. Open My Computer >> Virtual CD-ROM, if available then run the setup file to install on PC.

4. Now, the Bell Canada Huawei E8372 will open the default page of the device.

5. If prompted then login with admin/admin/password.

6. After login to the dongle it should redirect to the unlocking page.

7. The device will ask for 8-digit SIMlock / Unlock code.

8. Enter the correct NCK which is provided by routerunlock.com.

9. Click Apply/OK.

Now your Bell Canada Huawei E8372 wingle is unlocked to use with all carriers SIM card. Create a new profile according to the new network provider SIM card and connect to the internet.

If the above-mentioned procedure works for you, then you can order for an unlock code.


  1. Sorry , I have already unlocked E3372h-607 and used sim from other operators but it’s not connecting now a days. So my issue is different and not unlocking – should I try to update firmware ? I down loaded update but when unzipped and run it is asking for pass word midway while updating version from 21.xxx to 22.yy etc ..