Recently, Alcatel W800 wifi dongle was launched by the company. Now, Airtel carrier of India is providing this USB router to his users, which is locked and you can not use any another SIM except Airtel network. If you want to unlock and use it with Aircel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Docomo etc network provider SIM, then solution is available.

unlock Airtel locked Alcatel W800 wifi dongleHow to Unlock Airtel locked Alcatel W800 wifi dongle ?

  1. Connect Alcatel W800 USB router to PC with USB cable or through WiFi on Android phone.

2. Browse its default address (if not already changed) through internet explorer.

3. Go to connection tab as shown in the image.

4. Under “Connection Status”, you will see “NCK” option and below that Remaining attempt (s) : 10.

5. If you will try any wrong code then attempts will keep decreasing and when it will be zero then leave the hope of unlocking, it will be permanently locked.

6. Enter the correct NCK and click OK.

7. Now your Alcatel W800 wifi dongle/router is permanently unlocked to use with another network provider SIM card.

Note: Don’t try any wrong/free unlock / NCK code in your W800, otherwise it will be locked permanently.

Update: Code is only working with W800 Airtel.

Order NCK of Alcatel W800


  1. am using Alcatel W800DG with Airtel and I don’t have NCK option. Is there any way to unlock such version-W800-DG.140923.R00E.A5;Firmware Version-W800.0.F11.00A.A5.00;HARDWARE VERSION-K.2.B;WebUI VERSION-W800.0.R11.003.A5.00;

  2. Thanks….In a different sim card error msg showing “Sim is not registered with the device”…..what should I do….???


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