You can repair bricked Huawei E3231 Hilink Dongle, bricked Vodafone R215 (Huawei E5372) as well as half dead E3276 dongle with the help of firmware update. This post is different from others, which will help you to repair all half dead / bricked Huawei MiFi’s as well as Huawei normal / hilink modems. In this repairing solution, we are going to take the help of Huawei Flasher 1.6 By Fr3nsis.

Huawei Flasher 1.6 By Fr3nsis

How to Repair any Bricked / Half Dead Huawei Modem and Mobile WiFi’s ?

1. Download the Huawei Flasher 1.6 By Fr3nsis tool from above link and run it.

2. Connect the Huawei’s MiFi / data-card in PC with USB cable.

3. Click “Read Modem info”. It should automatically select the COM port.

4. If it is Hilink modem / MiFi routers and does not comes with COM port, then you need to enable it, before getting detected by Huawei Flasher software (Refer this article to enable COM port).

5. If it is correctly detected then download the compatible firmware according to the model from any sources.

6. Click Select FirmwareExtract from EXE from menu, and choose the file from PC.

7. It will ask you browse the folder, choose any folder from desktop and click on OK.

8. It will extract the firmware in different parts in that folder and it will select that automatically.

Huawei Flasher 1.6 By Fr3nsis - File Extraction9. Click flash modem and choose normal mode. If not getting success then use resurrect mode, it will forcefully write the firmware into the device.

Note : Before starting of flashing firmware, the freeware tool also offers to backup NV items. Press here yes, so that you can restore it back to your Huawei device, if something goes wrong.

Above mentioned tool and details will work with all Huawei modems / routers / MiFi’s which comes with USB ports. Before proceeding with any firmware update, kindly read carefully. Administrator is not responsible for any damage of your device. It is just educational purpose.


  1. I have Technical problem with Tricheer W81 3G Modem , Modem Power On ( Green ) and network led doesn’t flash ( off ) and can’t see modem in my computer by wireless or wired connection . I try to make hard reset , but doesn’t response .
    my mail .

  2. I have changed a setting in the modem E3372H HiLink, I changed the default IP from to something else and I also turned off the DHCP settings. Now I lost contact with the modem, I can not access internet and not even login to HiLink any longer. I tried firmware flashing tool for Huawei modem but the tools can not find / detect any ports in the modem, In Control panel, Device Manager, there are no Ports.

    Now I wonder if you have any clue what I can do, except trash-bin it. I want to recover it, if possible.

  3. anyone help me with my problem i have huawei E3372h-153 4g modem i flashed it with a different firmware now it is bricked it does not show up on my computer but if you put default simcard in it the modem lights blue meaning it is reading the network properly my problem is that it no longer shows com port in device manager how can i flash back its firmware kindly help me am stack

  4. Hi Kamlesh,

    I also have the same issue as mentioned by JohnMatt. In order to unlock my 4G lte airtel dongle I flashed it with a different firmware and now only blue light is coming. Also its not showing up in the device manager. Whenever I tried to connect to PC, device manager is just start refreshing after every one second. PFB the firmware details and please provide the solution for the problem.

    Dongle – Airtel 4G lte
    Model – E3272
    Old firmware – 21.470.05.02.284
    New/Flashed firmware – E585Update_1026.

  5. Sir while I doing unlocking my modem power has gone and it blinking countinously it not responding what I have to do say plz

  6. Dear, kameslh my model is e5573s-606 plz it blinking countinously I have some thing wrong firmware can I use this process .plz help me,if I will send my device to u repair and give me

  7. After this process a gain we should update webui to we should do in same process or we can do by sepratly by using device manager or we should do with huawaei flasher tool

  8. After this process a gain we should update webui to we should do in same process or we can do by sepratly by using device manager or we should do with huawaei flasher tool

  9. failed… modem can’t be read.
    e3372 modem (MegaFon M150-2) I flash with fw HiLink 22.315.01.xx inadvertently. I want to go back to the Mobile Partner but always error 19 modem always disconnects itself when the flashing process will start. I do not have the money to buy Hisilicon. please help me 🙁

  10. hello. my Huawei P8 Lite is soft dead, only light blinking when i press power or connect to charger or pc, please help me !

  11. Hello Admin,

    Nice job you are doing.

    The Huawei Flasher 1.6 By Fr3nsis says “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” And the Hauwei Mifi E5573s-606 just blinks green light.

    Please Help, what to do.


  12. helo sir i try to unlock my airtel 4g dongleE3272. but it seems error code 10 failed to finding port. after that its not working only the dongles green light is working. i tried that in diffrent computers but no progress. how to solve this problem plz help meee

  13. Hey admin, only thé network les blings after bricked My E5573 ans on device manger only one Com port is available buts can’t update. Cet error code 12: cet device information failed..please help


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