Alcatel MiFi routers are very famous in market. Normally it comes locked to a particular network. Once the Alcatel router is unlocked, you need to create a new profile according to the new simcard to connect to the internet. Earlier we had posted to create a new profile Idea MW40CJ Alcatel WiFi Router. Alcatel MW40CJ has customized WebUI.

In this post, we will guide you to create a new profile in unbranded Alcatel WebUI.

How to Create a new Profile in Alcatel MiFi Router?

1. Connect the device to your laptop via WIFI or desktop using the device USB Cable.

2. Open the browser and type the IP address (

3. Press Enter from the keyboard to open the WebPage.

4. Click on settings.

5. It will prompt to enter the password on the popup window.

6. Enter the password as admin (If you have not already changed).

Settings menu will be displayed:

7. Click on Profile Management to configure the network profile.

8. Click on New and configure the profile name, Dial number and APN fields.

In my case, I am configuring the profile for InterC network, the details are as follows:

Profile name: InterC Network

Dial number: *99#


9. Click on the Save tab to save your entries and then click OK.

10. Click the profile Management tab and set new created profile as default (In my case it is InterC Network profile):

Now your new profile is ready to connect. Now you can browse the internet by connecting through WiFi or USB cable.

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