Google Glass has announced a new wearable technology – ‘smart contact lenses’ – for diabetics that will monitor blood-sugar levels. The search giant announced last year that it was working on this project. The contact lens, which is being developed by the Google X team, can measure blood glucose levels in diabetics. It does so by analysing their tears.lenses

The smart contact lens could replace the existing blood tests that diabetics currently require in order to measure glucose levels.

The contact lenses come with a “miniaturized glucose sensor” that is “embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material.

In a post on the official Google Blog, Brian Otis and Babak Parviz, the project co-founders. Otis and Parviz both graduated from the Electrical Engineering program at the University of Washington, ‘‘state that they are testing a smart contact lens that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material.” The chip and sensors are so small in fact that they describe them as looking like “bits of glitter” and “thinner than a human hair.”

Further, Google has also said earlier that the availability of these lenses is at least five years away. Although, the acceptance and accuracy of the technology can only be gauged once it is actually in the market.